Ceramic Board And Blocks

We conduct constant market research and technological up gradation and hence we understand the varying and increasing need of highly qualitative Ceramic Board and Blocks that are made from super spun ceramic fibers by multi component organic/inorganic bonding process. these ceramic blocks are obtained by vacuum suction of a mixture of ceramic fibers with organic and mineral binders. All our ceramic fiber boards and blocks are self supporting with excellent stability at high temperatures, having high resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack.


  • Density: 260-320,720 kg/m3
  • Size: 915 x 600mm & 1000 x 500mm
  • Thickness: 10-50mm


  • Special furnace Lining parts.
  • The radiant element supports in vitro-ceramic hotplates
  • Combustion chambers Domestic boiler doors Peep holes, Pipe Seals