We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Fibreglass Wool that are thermal and acoustic insulated. This product finds its application in building, industrial and air-conditioning industries. We made these products spun and compacted in several ways and then bond them with a thermo-setting resin, in order to achieve the various densities required. We provide these products to our clients at a competitive price range.

Fibre Glass Wool

With the continuous effort of our craftsmen we proudly present a huge range of Fibreglass Wool that are made from ‘Virgin’ stable glass fibers and is bonded with thermo setting resins, through “T.E.L” process.


These are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications they are available in thickness of 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm they are used air-conditioning ducting, predominantly for thermal insulation. The density of this product varies according to the customer’s needs and ranges between 10kg/m³ to 96kg/m³.


This fibre glass wool comes in various preformed rolls, sheets, boards and preformed pipe sections and can also be matched to the exact thermal and acoustic insulation requirements.