Benfits of Foil Bubble Insulation

The first benefit of these aluminum foil insulation sheets is that they make the environment, within the rooms, comfortable. Secondly, by retaining the coolness and the warmth of the air conditioner and heater respectively, foil bubble insulation bring down the amount of energy which is being consumed, which eventually contributes to the reduction of the effects of global warming.


Foil Bubble Insulation 2 layers of fire retardant polyethylene air bubble Film laminated with both the side pure aluminum foil.

  • Roll Size (W X L)
  • 1.2m X 40m
  • Total Thickness (MM)
  • 8 MM
  • Thermal Resistance Emissivity
  • 0.03-0.04

Bubble Size

4MM X 10 MM

Reflection Ratio


Temperature Range

-122 ℉ to 230 ℉(-50°C ~ 110 °C)