Ceramic Fibre Modules

Our company is engaged in production of low thermal conductivityCeramic Fibre Modules that are made from folds of asbestos free ceramic fibre. Each module has an integral anchoring system and the fixing of the module to metal shell is achieved by welding specially designed studs, supplied integral with the module, resulting in efficient, fast, and error-free installation. These Ceramic Modules are ideal for full thickness lining for new furnaces and offer great mechanical strength.

They enhance the furnace life and performance.

  • Density: 128,160 kg/m3
  • Thickness: 100-300mm for anchored and 50-75mm for veneering to offer resistance to gas flow erosion.

Application areas:

  • Chemical Process.
  • Heaters Incinerators.
  • Reheating Furnaces.
  • Bell Annealing Furnaces.,
  • Soaking Pit Seals and covers.