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Rock Wool Products !

We are a nationwide extended firm that deals in manufacturing, supplying and distributing of Rock Wool Products.These high quality products ranges are made by us using different types of volcanic rocks and bio-soluble chemicals. These extensive ranges of products are widely used in non-asbestos organics and low metallic formulation for improving the mechanical strength and structural integrity. These products also exhibit water & moisture repellence.

Resin Bonded Slabs

With our extensively in depth product knowledge we bring along a qualitative range of Resin Bonded Slabs that are precisely engineered bonded insulation fiber that offers maximum resistance to the passage of heat. These products consist of fine fibres spun from molten rock and bonded with thermo setting resin. Standard Dimension/ Density of Resin Bonded Slabs are that these are highly resilient and easily regain their nominal thickness after the removal of normal compressive load.

    Application areas:
  • These slabs with their best combination of thermal insulation and fire protection properties are used for both hot and cold insulation to conserve energy.
  • Lower density material are used for building applications like under deck insulation, wall insulation and sound proofing of partitions and over false ceilings, air-conditioning duct insulation & chimney insulation
  • Higher density materials are used for high temperature application like furnaces, oven, autoclaves, kilns etc.

Lightly Resin Bonded Mattress(LRB)

We bring along a huge selection of precisely engineered Lightly Resin Bonded Mattress that offer maximum resistance to passage of heat. These mattresses are spun from fibres selected rocks melted at a high temperature and bonded with thermo setting resin. We specialize in stitching, slitting and chopping them to specified dimensions.

Moreover, these economical and light in weight mattresses are extremely ideal for hot face temperature and provide personnel protection, prevent condensation and reduce noise level. Our Rock wool mattresses are used for thermal insulation of pipes storage tanks, equipments, boilers, kilns and fire insulation of fire doors, electrostatic precipitators, flues and ventilation ducts, ovens, furnaces.

    Standard Dimension/ Density:
  • Max. Service Temp: 750* C
  • Thickness: 25 mm to 150mm
  • Standard Packing: HDPE Covers
  • Density Kg/ m3: 85 to 150 or above
  • Specification as per: IS 8183, ASTM C592
  • Standard Dimension: 1.64mtr x 1.22mtr , 1.52mtr x 1.22mtr
  • Hexagonal GI wire netting Lamination: 3/4 inch x 25swg

Pipe Sections

We specialize in bringing a huge range of precisely engineered Resin Bonded Pipe Sections that offer maximum resistance to heat passage.

These pipe sections are spun from selected rocks fibers, with inorganic origin, bonded with resinous binder and preformed into rigid sections with the product ranges to fit for pipes of 1/4" to 14" with nominal bore and from 25 mm. to 100 mm. insulation thicknesses. These are then melted at 1600°c and blended to a carefully adjusted chemical composition so that they bring a huge strength in them.

Building Rolls

With our vast industry experience we bring to our clients Building Rolls that are designed mainly for the thermal insulation of roofs and walls. These high temperature resistant building rolls are suitable for use in pre engineered buildings, pre fabricated houses, poultry farms, HVAC ducting etc.

We make them available in densities of 40 to 1.2 meters and also non standard customized sizes on request. We provide these building rolls are able to withstand temperatures up to 750° C and are being packed in HDPE bags. Following our lab tests these are found non-combustible when tested to BS 476: Part 4 :1970.