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Fibreglass Cloth & Mesh !

We have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers, traders, wholesalers and suppliers of an astonishing collection of Fibre Glass Cloth / Mesh that includes various kinds of electrical grade glass fabrics. These are used as the base material of copper clad laminate and are processed with various kinds of automatic precision equipment like wrapping, sizer, rebeamer, air jet loom, finish machine, etc.

Fibreglass Tape

After surface treatment, the Fibreglass Tape have excellent properties including water resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility, softness and resistance to aging. The products are widely used in wall enhancement, wall thermal insulation, water proofing and various fiberglass wares such as polypheny. Boards, anti-corrosive boards, plaster boards, heated board, marbles and mosaics, exterior insulation. This product is very durable, versatile and cost effective.

  • Woven from best quality textured glass fiber yarn
  • High quality, warm keeping thermal insulators, it is the ideal substitute of the asbestos cloth
  • Used for anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance and insulation of pipes and storage tank in power stations, oil fields, chemical plant, paper mill and environment protection projection where highly corrosive mediums are present. It can also be used in sheet laminates, construction work involving reinforced plastics
  • There are c-glass type and e-glass type which can be chosen.